Get Started with Spacepack PH

Spacepack PH is a tool that streamlines rentals and tenant interactions for property managers. Our goal is to be the best property management and leasing administration tool, and to optimize the entire rental industry by automating and digitizing business processes and operations of rental management, so property managers such as yourselves can focus on your business

If you find difficulties in using Spacepack or if you just have general comments or requests, feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to assist you. We are committed to listening to you to understand the good, the bad, the annoying, and the ideal as we strive for swift development.

Setting up your account

  1. Sign Up as Property Manager
    Create an account in You will only need an email, username, password, and phone number. Your 60-day free trial will start after a successful sign up. The free trial version is limited to 10 units and five property admin/managers, and the SMS notification feature is disabled.

  2. Create Property or Join A Property
    Create your property by supplying the official logo, property name, address, and contact details. These information will be our reference when communicating to your tenants. For example, the logo and property name that you provide will be included in the email copies and billing invoices sent to your tenants.

The Join Property feature is still in progress. Kindly inform the property owner or admin to add your username or email using the "Assign Page Role" in the Property module to access the property.

  1. Create Units
    Create Floors, Units, or Beds depending on the structure of your property in the Units module. Choose either Bedspace or Apartment/Office type -- bedspace type will result to a Floor > Room > Unit hierarchy, while Apartment or Office to Floor > Unit hierarchy. Refer to our Units tab for more information.

  2. Insert Tenants
    Add Tenants using their personal email to create a temporary account for them, or username if they have an existing Spacepack account! Note that this will automatically send an email to your tenants indicating that they have been registered in your property.

We suggest that you use dummy or test email accounts first when inserting tenants, so you can personally see what your tenants will receive and how the system behaves. Maximize your free trial period! You can always send us a message at [email protected] if you need help in setting up your system, or if you want to upgrade to paid subscription even before your free trial period expires to access all the features!

Getting around the drawer

Spacepack’s main navigation menu (or drawer) is the leftmost side of the application which consists of the following items listed below. You can go through each module in this documentation to learn more. Our documentation follows the same order of our drawer for familiarity ;)

  • Dashboard - shows the overview of the property’s core data and analytics.
  • Calendar - provides monthly view of all events such as rental due dates, move in, and move out dates.
  • Units - provides hierarchical view of groups or units you have created, and several unit operations.
  • Complaints - view and process complaints submitted by tenants via Spacepack's Viber and Messenger chatbots.
  • Violations - view violations of all tenants on your property.
  • Reservations - create and process reservations of your future tenants.
  • Payments - view all payments and transactions of your property, create multiple payment requests, and generate reports for your bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Postdated Checks - properly record and manage postdated checks given by your tenants.
  • Tenants - view the tenants of your property and see their individual data such as their transactions, violations, and emergency contacts.
  • Links - save important links that the tenants can easily access via Spacepack's Viber and Messenger chatbots.
  • Announcements - create announcements to inform all your tenants about anything such as monthly maintenance and management updates.
  • Property - view and update property information and subscription details, and add or remove users who will manage your property.
  • Notifications - provides you freedom to create your own custom notifications.
  • Account - view and update your account information such as your profile photo, name, birthday, user type, unit limit, property limit, and emergency contacts.